Look Listen Learn Bear Legend Read and Listen iBook


4.5 stars



I absolutely loved the book! It was fun to read and the animation was truly amazing!

Antonia T

Bear’s Tale iBook

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Apple’s read-aloud function for iBooks on mobile devices provides a fun and educational way for young readers to follow along with children’s stories as a real narrator speaks the words aloud. Each word is highlighted as it’s read, and pages turn automatically to keep the experience flowing smoothly.

Here are instructions on getting the most out of Bear Legends’s read-aloud ebooks for children.

1. If you don’t have iBooks app installed on your device, download and install it.

2. Download the book and open it in iBooks. If you loaded it in iBooks previously, it will appear in the default Collection titled Books. Tap the cover image thumbnail to open.

3. Navigation elements briefly appear at the top and foot of the screen when the book opens (tap the foot of the screen to bring them back any time they vanish).

At the top of your screen a black bar displays the following controls:

Library selector (tap to view Books/PDFs/Custom collections)
Page selector (tap to reveal thumbnails in a lightbox display)
Book title
Audio/visual controls (see 5 below)
At the foot of the screen a scrub bar shows tiny page thumbnails to indicate your place in the book. The scrub bar and the control bar at the top disappear after a few seconds of reading.

read and listen storybook

5. The audio control (loudspeaker icon) is at the left of the last block of icons. [SEE SCREEN ABOVE]

Tap it to reveal:

Volume control
Page turn function (Automatic/Manual)
Start/Stop reading
To start reading, select pages to turn Automatically (the default setting) and tap Start Reading. The narration begins and pages advance to the next when read. The text is highlighted word by word.

6. To pause reading at any point, tap the foot of the screen to reveal the controls, then tapStop Reading. To advance or return narration to any point in the text, tap the word where you want to continue.

Enhanced Interactivity

iBooks supports animation and enhanced interactivity that other ePUB readers do not support. Although the Bear Legend Series is published in the open ePUB 2.0 standard, many of these enhance eBook features will only work if read in iBooks.

Retina Display Optimized

Bear Legend enhanced iBooks are Retina Display Ready but a device with a Retina Display is not required. Our books have been tested on all generations of the iPad for compatibility.

iBooks hardware requirements are:

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or later. For Retina display optimization on the iPad, iOS 5.1 is required. The new iPad comes with iOS 5.1 pre-installed.

An Apple ID is required to download from the iBookstore, and automatic bookmark syncing requires an active Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.